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About Us

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A distinguished Tiles exports firm committed to delivering unparalleled products with honesty and integrity. Unlike those who boast about inflated and misleading figures, we take pride in being a modest-sized enterprise driven by a passionate team dedicated to consistently offering top-quality tiles at reasonable rates.

Recognizing the challenges faced by overseas buyers in selecting reliable material sources remotely, we understand that trust is paramount. Our team is unwaveringly committed to building and maintaining that trust, making it our most valuable asset.

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A common dilemma for buyers is sourcing various tile sizes and related products from a single, dependable supplier. Managing multiple suppliers for different sizes, surfaces, or products can be cumbersome and inefficient. Enter Callisto Ceramica, where we have forged partnerships with multiple manufacturers, ensuring a comprehensive range of sizes and categories. Quality is our foremost concern in selecting manufacturing partners, and rigorous quality standards are upheld throughout the production process. Every batch must meet our exacting standards before it is deemed fit for loading, overseen by our dedicated quality control team. We firmly believe that consistent and committed quality should be our responsibility, not the buyer's burden.

While we may not have been perfect in our early days, our evolution has been driven by the insights gained from serving customers across diverse regions. We have identified and addressed the pain points of distributors, importers, and wholesalers, making Callisto Ceramica the preferred choice for overseas buyers seeking competitive rates, diverse sizes and surfaces, and, above all, unwavering and consistent quality. Our commitment extends beyond product delivery; we provide comprehensive support to help our customers sell our products effortlessly and excel in their respective markets.

Investing in in-house designers sets us apart in the competitive market, ensuring our offerings feature unique and classic designs. This strategic move ultimately benefits our clients the most.

Acknowledging the diverse needs of buyers, we wholeheartedly support customization in terms of thickness, packaging & many more. Additionally, we provide our customers with marketing materials, including branded catalogues, marketing videos, product previews, and more.

At Callisto Ceramica, we proudly uphold a customer-first policy, believing that customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success.

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At Callisto Ceramica, our mission is to transcend boundaries and establish a global presence, uniting a passionate team to become a premier Tile Manufacturing Company. We are committed to exceeding customer satisfaction by offering best-in class products and setting new benchmarks in research and innovation. With the goal of making the world more beautiful, we work tirelessly, 24x7, 365 days a year, to be a part of valuable projects worldwide. Our vision is to be the preferred choice for architects, builders, and creators, delivering top notch, quality products that surpass the highest standards of quality and withstand the test of time.At Callisto Ceramica, we are dedicated to making a lasting impact and contributing to the success of every project we are a part of. Join us in our mission to transform spaces, one tile at a time.

Our Vision

At Callisto Ceramica, we have a clear vision for the future of the Tile Industry. We aim to revolutionize creativity and craftsmanship, pushing boundaries to new heights. Our goal is to create a platform where innovative avenues in Tile Making can be explored and celebrated. With every tile, we blend the subtlety of clay and the strength of technology, representing a harmonious fusion. We envision uplifting every space with affordable ease and convenience, transforming ambiances across the globe.

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Our Infrastructure

At Callisto Ceramica, prioritizing technology is fundamental across all aspects to guarantee the creation of state-of-the-art contemporary surfaces. Our commitment to maintaining exceptional quality standards in the production of all our offerings is reflected in our substantial investment in a comprehensive range of advanced technology and imported machinery. Through strategic technological collaborations with international companies, we are able to produce surfaces that meet global standards, ensuring satisfaction for our customers worldwide.